I am a highly experienced and accredited coach.

One of the testimonials from a leader I coach really explains some of the key aspects. “I liked the tasks set to work outside the sessions. I think they just helped as I often need to reflect on what has been said to really internalise the change. I like that three areas of development were highlighted for future development and the explanation you gave for why this approach.

I found the questions asked about my personal values particularly helpful to reflect on. They really helped me clarify what is important to me even if I didn't necessarily like the answers. A sense of progression on a journey, and confidence that good leadership does not require you to be an archetypal 'leader'”

I have been providing coaching and mentoring as a core service since 2005. I find the work endlessly fascinating as each person and situation is different and I have had the privilege to get to know the way a vast range of businesses work, how they are led, founded (or re-founded) and managed.

The types of impact that clients report to me are;

  • They are more able to use their whole selves. Offering leadership informed by their values & wisdom.

  • They have overcome their self-limiting factors and have greater control of their career.

  • Their businesses or projects have become more successful.

  • That they have increased their ability to influence and delegate in all directions

  • They have been able to handle a greater number of projects & complexities

  • They are able to work strategically in the present, with better flow.

  • They have a better balance of work and personal life.

I'm so glad you have a systems perspective as it helps me see the organisation, how it works and what needs to change rather than just the personalities.Quote from coachee.

There are several courses with tools and processes that I do for CEO’s, Managers, Development Workers, Clergy, and Board Members.

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• Strategic Influencing Skills
• Managing Teams
• Becoming a Mentor and Mentoring Skills CPD
• Partnership Working
• Facilitation Skills
• Advanced Group Work Practice
• Making the Most of Your Board
• Board Development Sessions
• Tools for Strategic Planning
• Monitoring and Evaluation
• Diversifying Your Funding Base
• Support and Supervision
• Working with the Voluntary Sector