It wouldn’t be the right website if I didn’t have a main section for Ideas as connecting Ideas and working with emerging Ideas is often central to what I am facilitating in society.

I am a Quaker – and here is an article I wrote about some ideas of how my work may be connected with being a Quaker.
- Click here to download ‘working adventurously’-

Here is a discussion prompting paper I wrote for a learning set studying ‘Love in Organisations’

Here's a link to some research from Charities Aid Foundation on what conditions create decent organisational development consultancy happen. CAF Report 08

Books that inspire me and contain lots of ideas include:

Systems Thinking for Harrassed Managers – N McCaughan and B Palmer – Karnac 1995
Leadership as a New Science - and also - A Simpler Way - by Margaret Wheatley – Berrett-Koehler 1999
Work as A Spiritual Practice - by Richard Lewis – Plaitkus 1999
Developing Organisational Consultancy – ed by J. Newmann, K Kellner and Andrea Dawson-Shepherd – Routledge 1997
Coaching in Depth – The Organisational Role Analysis Approach – ed by J Newton, S Long and B Sievers
Presence – Exploring Profound Change in People, Organisations and Society – Peter Senge – Nicholas Brealey Publshing 2005
Lessons from the Art of Juggling – Tony Buzan – Aurum 1994
Experiences In Groups – W Bion – Routledge 1961
Journal of Organisational and Social Dynamics – Karnac bi-annual